Dream Seeking

I don’t know if I’ve honestly ever made a New Year’s resolution before.

My husband is a dreamer, a creative spirit, a forward thinker…he is a maker. I’ve always been attracted to the way he dreams BIG and focuses on the future. I often get swept away by the dreams he’s chasing down. I reactively think about how to make his dreams come true; creating lists, making time, and finding a way. I love chasing dreams with this guy. 

In 2015, I want to think about the dreams we’re tackling and confirm that I’m doing all that God has created me to do- for him, for others, and for myself. Are my dreams too small? I’ve expressed my goals and dreams to those I love over the years; to be involved with mission’s work, to minister to others, to have children, to adopt a child, to be an amazing wife. These dreams are not small. However, I want to continue to search my heart for the big and small goals He has for me each and every day. “For we are His workmanship, created for good works… that we should walk in them.” You and I are God’s masterpiece and we are created for a purpose!

This year, I’m grabbing my pen and paper and trying to simply write what’s on my heart more often. I encourage you to do something out of the ordinary this year as well. Try something that might help you discover who he has made you to be, develop the skills or talents He has invested in you, and dedicate all that you are to Him. We won't regret taking bold steps into the life we were created to live.

Happy New Year!