4 Station Screen Printing Press - "Maker Made"

Well, I've started on another adventure by pursuing a shop that not only creates inspiring well-crafted designs, but also prints them to make sure every part of the product receives the attention to detail it deserves. However, the printing process I desire requires an actual press which offers the ability to print in a variety of forms. 

While there are a variety of screen presses available online for purchase as a complete unit, they can be a bit pricey for a start-up like myself. As a self-proclaimed Maker, I began searching for a way to build one myself.

After some researching and access to some handy (and better yet, free!) plans online, I've started building my own 4-station screen printing press. It's taking some careful measuring and accurate cutting to build a press that produces great results, but I can't wait to finish the build.

I'll continue to post progress on this blog so check back often!